Why 'Detox' Isn't Always Just A Buzz Word

We hear the word 'detox' a lot.

While most people associate the word 'detox' with juice cleanses, extreme fasts, and feeling deprived, it actually doesn't have to be that way.

I'm sure one thing we can agree on is that our bodies can be highly toxic. Regardless of how healthy we may be, we are constantly bombard with toxins in the air, our food, our skin products and cleaning products etc. Toxins are everywhere.

So what do we do to avoid them? When's the right time to cleanse? How can you kick this itchy, achy, stuffy head feeling since the sun actually started to come out?

Now that it's finally officially spring, maybe you're starting to feel more energized, but these allergies just seem to be holding you back or the fact that maybe your clothes are feeling a tad tighter or you're exhausted despite getting your 8 hours. 

A great deal of these symptoms are related to having a sluggish liver. While our bodies can detox naturally, the process can become compromised by the constant exposure to the toxins we eat, breath or put on our skin.

The liver has over 400 different functions, so we want to help decrease the burden placed on the liver.

The good news is there are ways to support the liver and alleviate toxic load on the body, but first we need to determine whether our body needs it.


How To Know Your Body Needs A Detox

  •  Increased belly fat
  • Cravings and/or blood sugar issues
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Acne, rosacea, itchy skin
  • Fatigue (unrelieved by sleep)
  • Overheating or excessive sweating
  • Chemical sensitivity (become easily intoxicated by alcohol or are sensitive to perfumes)

These are just some of the symptoms that indicate your liver may need an overhaul.

While some people may say,

“I’m just getting older.”

“My body doesn’t work like it used to”

“I have one glass of wine and I’m drunk..hungover..can’t sleep well”

“It just this time of year. You know, allergies”

These are actually all signs that your liver needs support. While everyone needs detox support throughout the year, Spring is actually the time of year that is best to detox and cleanse your body.


Why To Detox In The Spring

The days of spring are longer, warmer days where new growth and regeneration is abundant.

At this time of year, our bodies are emerging from a dormant winter state, ready to take on new periods of growth and renewal.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is when your liver is most available to do extra work, but it needs to be given the right support.


5 Steps To Support Detox


1.    Plan It Out

Pick a solid start and end date. This will help strengthen your commitment the program. Menu plan for the week. Create a list and stick with what you have to make grocery shopping more efficient and less tempting. 


2.    What To Avoid

For at least 21 days, eliminate processed carbs, refined sugar, gluten, dairy and alcohol. Read labels. Avoid foods listed, prepare foods as much as possible.

If buying something packaged, read the ingredients. My rule of thumb is to only eat foods with five ingredients or less, with words you can actually decipher.


3.    Get Support

Who said giving all those food groups was easy? Let’s be real! It’s hard. Find support from people who believe in your cause or are willing to do it with you!


4.    Stay Hydrated

When your body goes through detox, you lose a great deal of water of weight because your body is eliminating inflammatory foods. These inflammatory foods cause water retention. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure you’re consuming enough water.

Not to mention, the body needs water to keep organs properly functioning, promote cell to cell communication, and aid in digestion. We want to promote digestion and elimination to get toxins out of the body.


5.    Pay Attention To The Emotional Triggers 

When we’re tempted to reach for the candy or the soda, get curious as to why we’re reaching for it in the first place. Often we use food to distract us from feeling the emotions or thoughts that are really there. What ways are you potentially using food to avoid what you’re really feeling?


If this all feels overwhelming to you, I totally understand. I know that giving up sugar, processed carbs and alcohol is hard.

It’s a decision you have to be willing to make. Decide what you’re body, mind, and spirit are being held back from as a result of your reliance on stimulants.

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And remember, you have the power to be the most abundant version of yourself. You just have to believe it.


In Abundant Health,